(Ha) + (Tha)

Wandering Bodhi

People often confuse yoga for some sort of religion. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is in fact, as Yogi Bikram Choudhury states, “the science of living life correctly so that we can get to that point , our ultimate destination.”

So why does Mr Bikram refer to it as the science of life?

“Science helps us understand the physical world. Yoga helps us understand not just the physical body but also the mind and the Spirit. Yoga helps us understand nature; and nature helps us understand the voice of our spirit, or God.”

The Symmetry of Hatha

Hatha Yoga refers to the practice of yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation.

In Sanskrit, Hameans ‘Sun’ andThameans ‘Moon’.

Isn’t that just perfection in itself?

I’ve known this truth for a long time, but I love the way Bikram expresses it so simply and aptly in his…

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