chakra meditation

Understanding the complete nature of the body leads us to an understanding of the nature of matter and energy, duality and oneness, and the visible and invisible realities of consciousness. For purposes of understanding we can liken the body to a machine. This machine, while being composed of matter, requires energy to survive. It inhales oxygen and nitrogen gas and absorbs the energy. It requires energy to function as needed. We eat matter and the body absorbs the energy in the matter and absorbs water and the energy in water. The body produces energy. As long as it is fed properly and taken care of, it will constantly produce energy. The body is here…if you are reading this then you probably are in a body…you can see it and touch it and sense it…the mind however is more mysterious…you can’t see your mind and you can’t touch your thoughts…yet the obvious reality of your mind and its presence remains. Similarly, when we consider the “chakras” we need to understand their nature. We cannot see them with our flesh and blood eyes because they are part of the machine and the machine is limited. Just as we cannot see our mind, we cannot see our chakras. The key to unlocking them lies within. The best way to go within is to close your eyes, quiet your thoughts, and when there is silence, begin…

We will begin with the lowest chakra and work our way up to top…the lowest chakra forces us to address fear. Fear leads to death. Consider all your fears…fear of loss…fear of death…fear of heights…fear of public speaking…confront your fears…with boldness…smash your fears! and arise to the next chakra…

As long as fear remains, the chakra will not open…

The next charka is locked when we harbor guilt within us. Often times when we feel guilt, it’s because we are guilty. If you can feel it, it is probably because you are guilty. This is not always the case though. And sometimes we may be guilty for the wrong reasons…sometimes apologizing can help if necessary. Get past it and ascend to the next chakra…

The next chakra is governed by shame. Perhaps the shame is born out of improper action, such as engaging in “low” activities. Maybe it is born out of society’s perception of you? Maybe you have no shame. Maybe you would do anything without a care? Whatever shame you have, confront it, consider its source, make amends where needed, and through these steps, move past it…

The heart charka is next, it is love that opens it…it is grief that locks it. Here we confront grief in all its forms. We think about grief and what causes it…how to avoid it and how to confront it. Why do we grieve, what causes our pain…how can we end it? It is difficult to overcome grief when there is so much of it. So many people grieve and suffer. When people are being oppressed, as they are all over the world, then this causes suffering and grief then becomes manifest. However, some grief can be overcome through knowledge and understanding. The most difficult grief many people face is losing loved ones. This is hard but when proper understanding is in place, it can lead us back to reality. Everyone will pass through death into the next life. The body is only a machine, it is the person inside that is real. No one ever truly dies, we all return to the power that gives life. It is not by accident or coincidence that every major religious tradition from Judaism to Taoism to Buddhism to Christianity, and every sacred spiritual text from around the world attests to the fact that the body is born of the earth and when our time to go comes, the body will return to the earth and we will go…”we” are not our bodies…we are not of this world, we have been born here to experience this life, but it is temporary…we will all return home soon…so be at peace…trust in the power that commands the universe…for it is glorious and beautiful.

The throat chakra is locked by lies…so don’t lie and it will open. It is governed by truth, thus we seek truth in all its forms and manifestation. We accept the truth wherever and whenever it manifests.

The “third-eye” chakra is governed by insight. We are born in a world of duality. Up and down, left and right, light and dark, good and bad, truth and lies, in and out, here and there…We understand that the yin and yang manifest in the universe, and all duality that exists is limited to it’s time and place in space and that the all-permeating, omnipresent, all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the universe and all existence is one, and the living life of its presence permeates all existence. While there is up and down, it is only so within the context of creation. The all-permeating creator of life is one and its oneness permeates all. When this is known and felt and understood, then this will lead to the crown chakra on top to the head…

The crown chakra can only be activated when one fully submits to the commander of the universe and all existence. By understanding the nature of the life of this world as well as the nature of the giver of life, the crown can be opened.


  1. April 3, 2013 at 6:27 pm

    Very clear presentation of the chakras.

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