Zombie Apocalypse!!!

Zombie Apocalypse!!!

In the spirit of Halloween, my kids wanted me to tell everyone about the zombie apocalypse. These zombies are a little different than the traditional human eating zombies. These zombies don’t eat humans, instead, they eat animals!

About eight years ago I decided to stop eating meat. The reason I decided to stop is because I don’t want to have to kill. As my sons Brior and Elijah have gotten older, they began inquiring about why I don’t eat meat. I explained to them that I don’t want animals to die when there is no good reason for them to have to die. I told them that we have access to plenty of plant-based foods and there is no need to kill. I explained that a vegetarian diet is good for our health when balanced properly and that the animals don’t have to die. I went on to tell them that it was my choice to abstain from eating meat and that they could eat it if they wanted to.

When my sons found out that meat is dead animal muscles, they were disgusted. It all seemed so strange to them. They asked me why people kill animals and eat their dead bodies. I told them that people do it because meat tastes good. But that wasn’t a good enough reason as far as they were concerned. Eating dead animals was a disgusting reality that they found themselves exposed to. I told them that if they had no other food options, such as in a survival situation for example, then it would be okay to eat animals to survive. However, with the grocery stores being full of plant based foods, there is no need to eat meat. I explained to them that most people are brought up eating meat and that most people don’t really think about it too much.

It was after this that the kids started saying that people were like zombies eating the dead. It sounds kind of weird putting it like that, but the reality of it is sadly accurate. Is it really necessary to eat the dead in order to sustain the life of the body? Trillions and trillions of animals are killed every year for consumption. Is it necessary?

I grew up eating meat. Most everyone I know eats meat. I don’t expect everyone to stop eating meat after reading this, but in my opinion, it is completely unnecessary to eat the dead. Eating the muscles of dead animals is not necessary for survival nor is it recommended for longevity. People eat meat because it tastes good, that’s how most of us were raised, and society is set up to cater to meat eaters, so it’s convenient. But it’s time to think and to live in a manner that is free of killing. Even if we are ordering a burger at McDonald’s, we are taking from the supply of meat thereby causing a demand for more. In this way, all people who eat meat play their role in the death of countless animals. It is time for us to transcend this primitive way of life and ascend into a more harmonious state of existence wherein we create a non-violent equilibrium with our environment. When will the killing end?

In my opinion, if you want to eat meat, then you should have to kill the animal yourself. Clean the animal, prepare it, and eat it. Perhaps then more appreciation will be considered for the lives that are being taken. Don’t eat the dead! Zombies aren’t cool. 

Seeking answers

Seeking Answers

Death is a topic that most people try to avoid. Most people simply do not want to discuss it because it is sad and depressing. This is totally understandable. However, when one is faced with the death of a loved one, this topic cannot be so easily avoided.

Death brings up many questions. In seeking to find the answers, we naturally look to the world. Most major cultures of the world today possess ancient texts from the past, written by those who lived long ago. Many of these texts today makeup the core of major world religions and are consider sacred scriptures.

Most people living in Midwest America come to know the Bible when seeking knowledge of life and death. Some people, depending on their geographic location and cultural affiliation, will turn to the Dhammapada, the Tao Te Ching, the Qu’ran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas, the Torah, the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as stories and legends passed down from elders, when seeking knowledge of life and death. All these books and stories and legends, tell us that when our body dies, we live on, and that those who were good will go to good places and those who were bad will be punished accordingly. The common belief of life after death is very universal in all these texts and in all major world religions.

While many put their trust in the power that gives life, many people want more answers. How can we PROVE that life continues after the death of the body? How do we know that the knowledge presented in ancient texts, as well as modern texts, is correct? Who has evidence that life goes on?

From here it is for us to employ reason and logic. It is reasonable to consider that the power that gives life to the universe is certainly capable of allowing those who have lived and died to live again. We were created once, so it is reasonable and logical to consider that the power that gives us life is capable of creating us again.

NASA says that the earth is traveling around 67,000 miles per hour through space. The stars that we see in the night sky are only a small fraction of the stars in our local galaxy. Our galaxy alone contains billions of stars, far more than we see with the naked eye, and there are billions of galaxies that have been found and reported by NASA. The power that gives life to the universe is great and mighty. As it sustains our existence now, it is certainly possible that it could sustain our existence after the body dies. The more we consider the complex nature of life as we experience it, the more we will begin to gain understanding. From the atoms that form what we can sense with our bodies, to the formlessness of our mind that is beyond our senses, we can contemplate the power of the giver of life.

I encourage everyone who seeks to know the truth about the reality of this life to study, meditate, contemplate, and consider the power that makes our hearts beat. Consider the power that gives us consciousness. Consider the power that sustains the universe and all existence. There is more to life than the outward manifest world. I encourage all who want to know the truth to seek understanding until what you are seeking is understood.