a NY times article about meat consumption and its negative impact on our planet

This article brings up many good points about the negative impact of meat consumption. The full-article can be found here:


Here are some of the main points…

*the average american consumes around two hundred pounds of meat each year (most experts agree that the average american consumes 100+ pounds of meat per year).

* it takes 100 times more water to produce a pound of grain-fed beef than it does to produce a pound of wheat.  therefore, it is better to consume a plant-based diet, especially considering that less than 2% of the water on earth is clean enough to safely consume.

*around 45% of the land on earth is used for livestock production. forests are being cleared for grazing ground. trees are excellent absorbers of greenhouse gases. less trees mean potentially more greenhouse gases.

* heavy reliance on fossil fuels and phosphorous (both in short supply).

*the animals are given staggering amounts of antibiotics, a threat to public health.

* meat-consumption is linked to many diseases.

Cutting down on meat consumption seems to be the logical choice.

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