Shalom V’ahavah U’berakhot

Shalom V’ahavah U’berakhot (Peace, Love, and Blessings)

Life is a gift from God. In this world, life comes and goes. We are born, we live and we die. Why? Why do we live? Why do we die? Why does the earth fly? Why do the stars shine? Why is there light? What gives the birds flight?

Life contains happiness and sadness, joy and grief, the bitter and the sweet. Dwelling in sadness is a path to destruction. Therefore it is essential that we transcend sadness, grief, and suffering. Stress and depression lead to destruction. We use logic and reason to determine the clear reality that suffering is not much fun. It is something we do not seek and desire. Yet, so many on Earth suffer. As you read, children all over the world are starving and dying in pain and torment. As you read, people are being molested and murdered. The tears and the pain cannot be ignored anymore. No one wants to suffer. We are repelled by suffering. We want to go where we are happy, or at least content. We want to have enough to drink and eat and we want comfort and relaxation. We like to laugh because it feels good. But how can we laugh while our brothers and sisters, regardless of race, sex, religion, and country of origin, are being brutalized and murdered and raped?

How can we be happy when our loved ones die? How can we be at peace as we visit their graves? On the contrary, it hurls us into rage. Life. It comes and it goes. Coming to terms with the true reality of the life of this world is necessary. Everyone needs to learn why we are here and what our purpose is and why we exist. Where are the answers? How do we know what is true and what is not true? We do not need books, we do not need anyone or anything. All we need to do to get the answers is to sit and close our eyes and ask for the Divine to teach us and to guide us and to help us. Since mankind has lost touch with their intuition, our connection to the Divine has been severed. People are lost. People do not know why they are here or what their purpose in life is. Many rarely even stop to think about the fact that they are alive. People just go about their lives and do what they do and think very little about the Divine.

Our bodies have needs. Human beings have a need for entertainment and relaxation. We want to feel good and we live to attain it. Sex feels good. People like to have sex, so they have sex. Eating relieves the pangs of hunger and makes us feel better, so we eat. Drinking quenches the pain of thirst, so we drink. Watching T.V. fulfills our needs more than just sitting and staring at the wall, so we watch T.V. We live our lives and we work to make money to buy food and to maintain the needs of the body. The body is demanding.

It would seem as though we are our bodies. This is all we know. But in truth, we are mind. We are born into these bodies and we live in these bodies but we are not these bodies. The body comes and it goes. The mind is of the Divine. The Divine gives us life and here it is. You read these words and you understand. But the surreal nature of this world can be gripping. We are attached to those we love. We are comforted by those we love. In all respects, we are not only a part of our loved ones, but we are one with them. When they suffer, we suffer. Grief and sadness and despair come to us in these times. When they die, we die with them. To think that they are just gone and that is it, is torture. What kind of God gives us so much just to take it away? Why does God allow suffering to exist. In all of God’s Might and Power, why doesn’t God help us and relieve us? Why are people being murdered? Why are people being molested? Why do we suffer? What is all this? Life…

It is so complex. Where do we turn? Here in the Middle West most people would turn to the church or the Bible or both. Undergoing study helps us learn and it strengthens the integrity of our understanding. We are told of a time long ago when the human race first came into existence. We are told of the lives of Adam and Eve. According to recorded texts Adam and Eve we created in a state of purity and innocence. In this state of being they would never grow old and they would never die. Forever they would dwell in the Garden of Eden wherein the beauty of heaven shined. At one with the Divine, they would live perpetually in peace, love, and harmony. They would never know sickness or pain or suffering of any kind. They would be happy and joyful and full of energy. They would live in the sublime heavenly garden perpetually and would sing of the glory of the Divine.

But something else happened…A non-human race of other worldly people were at odds with each other. An elder among them condemned the human race and insisted upon its destruction. He vowed his vengeance and swore he would do everything in his power to lead us to destruction. It is not for him to just murder us all. He said that he will do everything in his power to get human beings to break the commandments. If he can get us to break the commandments, then we are destroying ourselves. The commandments are in place for our protection. So long as we live by the commandments of the Divine we will be strong and healthy and we will live. If we break the commands, then we are opening ourselves up to danger and destruction. A father would tell his son when he used a gun for the first time (or a knife or anything dangerous for that matter) that he should be EXTREMELY careful. One mistake can lead to destruction. One mistake can lead to death. Such are the commandments. We are to obey the commandments just as a child is to obey his father. Do NOT point the gun at your face and pull the trigger. Do NOT murder or commit adultery or lie or steal. “Do not steal. Do not lie. Do not deceive one another.” Leviticus 19:11

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law (Torah) or the Prophets (Nevi’im); I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until Heaven and Earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law; until everything is accomplished. Anyone who breaks one of the least of these Commandments (Mitzvot) and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of Heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of Heaven. For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the Law, you will certainly not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 5:17-20

What are the commandments? What exactly are we commanded? We are told to worship ONLY the Divine. We are told to never murder or cheat on our partner. We are told to keep the Sabbath day holy. We are told to be honest, upright, and pure. So long as we are doing what is expected of us we are good.

Adam and Eve, as we are told, broke the commandments and had to leave the garden and come to dwell in a world wherein hunger and thirst gripped them and death destroyed them. The one who swore to do everything in his power to destroy Adam and Eve led them with deception into error and they came to live on earth as mortals. They experience grief, suffering, and pain. Their bodies grew old and died. We are their descendents accordingly. We will all die.

What did they do to deserve such a harsh punishment? Through their punishment, we are all punished. Now we live on earth and will die. Why? Why does the earth fly? Why does the sun shine?

This happened thousands and thousands of years ago. Today, we turn on the T.V. and we live our lives and we do what we do. Most people do not really care about Adam and Eve. They just want to make money to survive and surrender to the needs of the body. We awaken in a world of suffering. As you read, people are screaming in pain. Children are slowly dying. People are also laughing and happy. What is this place?

Only the Divine can help us. When your heart stops, your mind will separate from your body and you will find yourself in the presence of the Divine. If you have done things that are against the commandments, then you may be punished. No one on earth or anywhere else will be able to help you. Thus we are told to purify ourselves and abstain from evil and to abstain from lying and deception and selfishness and greed and lust. We are told to purify our intention. We are told to abstain from hate. We are taught to embrace compassion. We are taught to do good. We are told that for those who do good and live good, heavenly peace awaits. We are told that those who are able to attain heaven will pass through death and will live forever. We are told that for those who were hateful and greedy and sexually immoral and liars and deceivers, that they would go to hell and be punished. We were given strict commands about guarding ourselves and doing what was expected of us. As harsh as this world may be, it is what it is. We must be good and do good or else we will be punished. There are no secrets. The Divine permeates and sustains our entire being. Mighty is the Power of the Commander of the Universe.

The Power that gives life, takes life. Every night we die. We close our eyes and go to sleep and we are gone. In the morning we are resurrected and we find ourselves alive. The Power that gives life has promised to restore all things. Those who overcome this world will live forever in heaven. We are told that the liars and murderers will go to a place of punishment wherein their souls will be refined in the fire. We are also told of those who do really good in this world having the ability to save their loved ones from punishment and will be able to take them to heaven.

If you have done wrong, ask for God’s forgiveness. If you live a pure life from that moment on, forgiveness will be granted. If you ask for forgiveness for things you have done wrong and then go and keep doing those same things, then perhaps you will not be among those taken to heaven. For only those who love the Giver of life and live according to the commandments will be saved. It will not be long now…we will all come face to face with death and to our Commander we will go. Do good, be pure, be truthful and live in righteousness and innocence. Make the Divine foremost in you life. Learn all you can…seek and you will find…

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Did we not drive out demons in your name? Did we not do mighty deeds in your name?’ Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you workers of LAWLESSNESS (anomian).'” Matthew 7:21-23

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  1. Dugutigui said,

    February 25, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Why do we live?
    Here is my theory: Mother Earth didn’t know how to produce plastic… so now that it’s done our time is over 🙂

  2. February 25, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    We are here for a purpose. Sometimes we discover our quest quite early and sometimes it takes years if ever. So few today, particularly in the U.S. have a spiritual connection or know who they really are. They are engulfed in shallow lives of Pucci, Wucci, Gucci. Newest and most expensive cars, who has the most fur coats or jewels or whatever. In talking to a pastoral nun who has seen many many people die over the years said that not once did anyone on their death bed say that they regretted not making enough money or a bigger house etc. Their regret was that they didn’t spend enough time with their families and those they loved. Thank you for your lovely post.

  3. Sierra said,

    February 25, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    This is absolutely beautiful and I’m thankful you posted it.

  4. Lynn said,

    March 2, 2012 at 4:20 pm


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