Don’t eat the dead

Don’t Eat the Dead


This is a hilarious title…to me anyway. Don’t eat the dead? I think of movies like Zombieland with zombies eating the flesh and blood of the dead. That’s not exactly what I’m referring to but not really too far off track if you think about it. In order to obtain meat, life is taken. The dead bodies are cleaned and the muscles and organs are distributed for consumption. Because people are eating the dead bodies of animals it doesn’t quite have the same twisted nature that a zombie eating HUMAN flesh has, but for all practical purposes it is very similar biologically speaking.

So why do people eat the dead? Is it necessary to eat dead animals in order to sustain the life of the body? These questions would result in many answers from hell yes to hell no and everything between. Ecologically speaking I will argue to anyone that excessive animal consumption is wrong! Is some meat in one’s diet ok? I won’t argue this. So what is excessive consumption? Meat for every meal? That’s how I grew up. It’s not a full meal without meat right? Yet this is very excessive and extreme. It is too much. Why does it matter? Why does it have to be excessive?

Ecologically speaking, much is consumed in order to produce those meals. Much is taken from the world when it is not necessary. People eat meat regularly because that’s how they were raised and because meat tastes good! However, it is our responsibility to ensure the well-being of the earth and all life on it. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that, in general, we should never be excessive in anything (ideally) and that we should practice moderation in all things. Maybe one meal with meat a day would be a good start. Most people will continue doing what they are doing. Driven by desires for sensual pleasure (that one gets from eating in this case), most people will continue doing what they are doing and forget about the welfare of the planet.

But people say that God made animals for us to eat!! That is wrong. God did not make animals for us to eat. We CAN eat them if we need to. If one was starving in a desert or something then one could eat meat to survive. But just to eat it because it tastes good? Nope, I can’t justify it. That’s just me. Almost everyone I know eats meat and I love them the same. I’m only writing this blog to promote a plant-based diet and to remind people that before the “fall” of Adam and Eve, killing was forbidden. Period. No killing. In order to obtain meat, killing is necessary. Even if you’re pulling up to the drive-thru window at McDonalds getting a hamburger, you are still playing your part in killing. Do you NEED meat? No. Killing is wrong!!! ONLY if you are driven to necessity (survival situation or something) would it be okay to kill. If you insist on eating meat, then at least kill the animal yourself. Cook it up and eat it. This may give you more appreciation for the life that you are taking.


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  1. sierrathomas said,

    January 20, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    I agree! I eat very little meat, maybe a few bites a week, and even then I wish I could abstain from it altogether because it’s unnecessary and I know I couldn’t kill the animal on my own unless I was starving. We don’t respect the life being taken when we eat meat, we don’t understand that taking life shouldn’t be a game (like hunting for fun) or just because we enjoy the taste, it should be for survival. Your post has reminded me to be more conscious of what I’m eating 🙂

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