Love is War

The reality of this world is deeper than what is generally understood by most people. With the lack of correct and sufficient knowledge and understanding one could easily perceive this world as something it is not. I can correctly and accurately say that this life is hell and the fire grips us and this isn’t inaccurate from a misunderstood perspective. When we lose those we love most and hold closest to our hearts, it is miserable and the suffering doesn’t diminish when we believe our loved ones to be dead and gone. If they’re just dead and gone then this is hell and we are burning as we hold onto suffering. Proper knowledge and understanding however can set us free and it can open our eyes to reality. When we fully understand what this life is and why we exist, we acknowledge the LIVING conscious power that commands this earth to fly and we realize that we never die, not completely. We are inter-dimensional cosmic beings and the only power that commands the universe to exist has BUILT and DESIGNED our souls. Our origins are BEYOND this world and we existed before being born into the human body. While embodied, we are intimately one with our body, but we are not our body; it is an organic machine that we have been assigned to live in for a period of time in order to learn of our creator and to awaken to it’s ALL-PERMEATING LIVING presence. We are to RESIST the evil that burns this world and REALIZE our true purpose here is not just to engage in self-enjoyment, but to understand the intention our creator had when it created us. Evil grips this world and it suffocates many as it spreads like a disease. Like a disease, it comes subtly and sneaks up on us. As the adage, ‘our killers come with smiles’ it creeps into our minds and thoughts and intermingles with our consciousness, which is the source of our life; emanating from the Divine. When evil became known to mankind, it sought to disguise itself in order to deceive us. Instead of being called evil, it is now called hate. Hate is evil in all it’s forms. While it seems reasonable to hate evil, it is a trap that we must avoid. When we embody hate, then we become hateful and full of evil. As we think and act, we become. When we see evil rear its ugly face in this world it is for us to utterly condemn it and to fight against it until it’s destroyed, but we must not hate it; we must not have hate in our hearts; hate is the enemy. We need to rid ourselves of hate and all it’s forms mentally and in our actions. We need to deepen our sense of what is right and what is good, truthful, and just. With love overcome hate. With love, reinforce the will to fight against evil and all it’s manifestations and with love DESTROY evil. Purify your minds and cast out hate while deepening your will for justice. When justice means the destruction of human life, then fight for it, but do not give in to hate. It is easy to give in to hate and anger and wrath. It takes strength to resist. Be the resistance. Embody light and abandon darkness. Love is greater than hate. Mercy is greater than wrath. Peace is greater than war.


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good for all


as long as the grass shall grow

The helpless are crying out

Street by street! Block by block!! Taking it all back!!!

The youth immersed in poison – turn the tide counterattack.

Violence against violence, let the roundups begin.

A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in!!!

No mercy, no exceptions, a declaration of total war!!!

The innocent’s defense is the reason it’s waged for.

Born addicted, beaten, and neglected.

Families torn apart, destroyed and abandoned.

Children sell their bodies, from their high they fall to drown.

Demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down.

A chemically tainted welfare generation.

Absolute complete moral degeneration.

Born addicted, beaten, and neglected.

Families torn apart, destroyed and abandoned.

Children sell their bodies, from their high they fall to drown.

Demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down.

Corrupt politicans, corrupt enforcement,

drug lords and dealers, all must fall!

The helpless are crying out.

We have risen to their call.

A firestorm to purify.

Master orchestrator of the genome is discovered!!

“A more advanced understanding of how organisms form, based on this work, has the potential to significantly enhance the understanding and treatment of cancers, which result from uncontrolled development as well as congenital diseases, the researchers say.”

“This seminal discovery lends new perspectives to the origin, nature and treatment of a variety of human diseases.”

ageless wisdom

Submission to God’s Will is the best companion; wisdom is the noblest heritage; theoretical and practical knowledge are the best signs of distinction; deep thinking will present the clearest picture of every problem.

A conceited and self-admiring person is disliked by others; charity and alms are the best remedy for ailments and calamities; one has to account in the next world for the deeds that one has done in this world.

When some blessings come to you, do not drive them away through thanklessness.

One who rushes madly after inordinate desire, runs the risk of encountering destruction and death.

Overlook and forgive the weaknesses of the generous people because if they fall down, God will help them.

The best kind of wealth is to give up inordinate desires.

One who says unpleasant things about others, will quickly become a target of their scandal.

Value of a man depends upon his courage; his veracity depends upon his self-respect and his chastity depends upon his sense of honor.

Whoever warns you against sins and vices is like the one who gives you good tidings.

I want to teach you five of those things which deserve your greatest anxiety to acquire them: Have hope only in God. Be afraid of nothing but sins. If you do not know a thing never feel ashamed to admit ignorance. If you do not know a thing never hesitate or feel ashamed to learn it. Acquire patience and endurance because their relation with true faith is that of a head to a body, a body is of no use without a head, similarly true faith can be of no use without attributes of resignation, endurance, and patience.

One is the wisest and the most knowing person who advises people not to lose hope and faith in the Mercy of God and not to be too sure and over-confident of immunity from God’s Wrath and Punishment.

The world is like a serpent, so soft to touch, but so full of lethal poison. Unwise people are allured by it and drawn towards it, and wise people avoid it and keep away from its poisonous effects.

Blessings are for the one who humbles oneself before God, whose sources of income are honest, whose intentions are always honorable, whose character is noble, whose habits are sober, who gives away in the cause of God the wealth which is lying surplus, who controls his/her tongue from vicious and useless talk, who abstains from oppression, who faithfully follows the teachings of God and who keeps away from innovation in religion.

One should not obey anyone against the commands of God.

Conceit is a barrier to progress and improvement.

Death is near and our mutual company is short.

There is enough light for one who wants to see.

A vegetarian diet effectively lowers heart disease and stroke risk

Date: March 5, 2015
Source: American Heart Association
Summary: A pro-vegetarian diet that emphasizes a higher proportion of plant-based foods compared to animal-based foods may help lower the risks of dying from heart disease and stroke by up to 20 percent, according to a large-scale study. Researchers suggest that substituting some of the meat in your diet with vegetables may be a simple way to lower the risk of heart-related death.
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Advancing consciousness

visions of Enoch (חֲנוֹךְ)

Enoch (חֲנוֹךְ), the several generations grandson of Adam and the great-grandfather of Noah was a holy man who was blessed and lifted up into heaven wherein he was changed into an immortal being due to his righteousness and holiness. Before he was taken into the heavens, he was given detailed knowledge and shown many wonders, including the breadth and depth of the universe as it is and visions of the future. He then shared his knowledge and shared his visions with the intent and desire for all to see and know and understand. In this video, part of what he had shared is read to us. It begins by explaining in depth the movement of the sun in relation to the earth and the moon as the sun and earth and moon all follow their course in the heavens that we call today the universe and outer space. Then he tells of Adam and Eve and the events that took place accordingly. This information has been largely lost to the majority of mankind for generations only to resurface for all to see in recent years. Enjoy.

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